The Rebuild Program

The picturesque land of Nepal today is now full of gloom and hopelessness. More than dozen of tremors for past 3 weeks has left every Nepali citizen bound in fear and terror. They are confined to tents, living in the open ground, and spending their days on the streets. Lack of coordination between the governing agencies has added fuel to the fire, resulting in much of the relief materials lying unutilized, inadequately meeting the actual demand. Continue reading The Rebuild Program

We are moving in.

The country of Nepal has to be rebuilt and it has to be done immediately and wisely. There has to be determination and commitment from all sectors for rebuilding Nepal. The most affected rural communities need to be given special attention. Now, many people in rural and urban areas who have lost their place of stay are concerned as to how they are going to face soon coming raining season. Some of the people expressing that they are more worried for their stay than food relief they are getting. It shows the coming days are going to be more challenging to the survivors. The immediate need for the affected people is to build their temporary shed with available materials and if we can supply tin sheets and some money for this immediate need to respond soon coming raining season. They have to cook their own food on firewood, they will have some animals to take care of. They need a place to store their grain after its harvest hence the tent cannot be a long term arrangement. Continue reading We are moving in.

First Strike – Update

This morning (2nd May. 2015) we got news that one of the churches that participated in the compass program (near Chaku – Tibet border) lost 16 of their members and another one lost 6 members. One person from the church was airlifted with the help of a Helicopter. Pastor Timothy Raut has his house fallen while the church building has developed cracks.

There is a desperate need for tents, drinking water, blankets and food Continue reading First Strike – Update

First Strike

Thanking all our brethren for praying for my safety during the Nepal crisis. On 24th April, 2015 I travelled to a village called Panchkol which is 2 hours drive, away from Kathmandu City, along with Senior Pastor Dev Chetri of Beth Shalom Church Putlisadak Kathmandu (one of our Compass Partners), his wife, Bro John Rodrigues and his wife, Glancy. We also took along Meena (Pastor Dev’s younger sister and her little daughter Sharon 2 yrs old). Continue reading First Strike