Relief material

First Strike – Update

This morning (2nd May. 2015) we got news that one of the churches that participated in the compass program (near Chaku – Tibet border) lost 16 of their members and another one lost 6 members. One person from the church was airlifted with the help of a Helicopter. Pastor Timothy Raut has his house fallen while the church building has developed cracks.

There is a desperate need for tents, drinking water, blankets and food

Report from Pastor Dev Chetri – Senior Pastor, Beth Shalom Church

I got the report from Panchkal that nearly 1500 houses were fully destroyed.
Of which 90 houses belongs to the believers of our church. Around 10 people died in a just one village alone.. Most of the believers and others too are staying in the church compound. We are supplying the food stuff for them however we will need help as food will run out shortly.

Air India has just given us their consent to carry the tents and relief material to Nepal without charge. However the relief team has to pay for their fare.

Kindly Pray that:
Help to reach the victims soon
God would protect His people and provide for them as there could be discrimination because of their faith.
A team will be reaching Kathmandu on 11th May, 2015 to help
1. Pastors (priority)
2. Believers in Christ
3. Giving help to unbelievers thus showing the love of Jesus through our actions

Johnson Samuel
Executive Director