The Rebuild Program

The picturesque land of Nepal today is now full of gloom and hopelessness. More than dozen of tremors for past 3 weeks has left every Nepali citizen bound in fear and terror. They are confined to tents, living in the open ground, and spending their days on the streets. Lack of coordination between the governing agencies has added fuel to the fire, resulting in much of the relief materials lying unutilized, inadequately meeting the actual demand.

“REBUILD NEPAL” is our passionate obedience to Christ’s command – To Love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Isaiah 58:7 challenges us to demonstrate God’s love meeting the needs of the people of Nepal.

Our short term basic relief is to bring forth Tarpaulin sheets, tents and our long term plan would be to assist in building earthquake proof homes and giving to the farmers. Being there from 10th – 16th May 2015 was of a nightmare with constant tremors. Our foundation of faith in Christ Jesus is our motivations for our long term commitment through “Rebuild Nepal” till we see Nepal stand on its right foundation.

Shekhar Kallianpur